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ible providence and left Bigourdin and Félise not a leg save sheer churlishness to stand on. Clothes? She had ten times the amount she needed. The perils of the lonely and t

edious return train journey? Never could F


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élise accomplish it. Bigourdin turned up an Indicateur des Chemins de Fer. There were changes, there were waits. Communications were arranged, with diabolical cunning, not t

o correspond. Perhaps it was to confound t


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he Germans in case of invasion. As far as he could make out it would take seventy-four hours, forty-three minutes to get from Monte Carlo to Brant?me. It was far simpler to g

o from Paris to Moscow, which as every one

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knew was the end of the world. Félise would starve. Félise would perish of cold. Félise would get the wrong train and find herself at Copenhagen or Am

sterdam or Naples, where she wouldn’t be

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able to speak the language. Lucilla laughed. There was such a thing as L’Agence Cook which moulded the Indicateur des Chemins de Fer to its will. She wou

ld engage a man from Cook’s before whose

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brass-buttoned coat and a gold-lettered cap band the Indicateur would fall to pieces, to transfer Félise personally, by easy stages, from

house to

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house. Félise had pleaded her uncle’s need. Lucilla, in the mo

st charmin

g way imaginable, had deprecated as imposs


ible any such colossal selfishness on the part of Mons

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